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We’ve finally got a paint color for our bedroom that, even if it may not be quite what we’d envisioned (I now suspect the color we envisioned might not actually exist), is at least a color we can both be very happy with. The color we ended up with is what happens why you buy Behr’s “Morning Breeze,” bring it home from the hardware store, put some on the wall, and decide it’s way too light. You spend a punchy evening mixing various combinations of the too-light stuff with the too-dark paint you already had and doing test patches.

You decide the next morning that they are all icky and drab. You take the Behr paint back to the hardware store. You ask the guy in the paint department if he can add tint to bring it up to the next color on the strip, Utah Sky. You look at that in the paint can and decide it’s still not right. You ask him to tint it partway up to the next color, Enchanting. You think it looks pretty nice, but at this point you’ve stared at so many paint splotches that you have no confidence whatsoever in making the call. Your son, who has a far better sense of color, confirms that it looks good and that you should get it. The paint guy is glad that at least one of you is capable of being decisive.


After, with Enchanting Utah Sky:

In other news, we spent most of the weekend weeding through our possessions, trying to get rid of stuff. E pulled out 3 full bags of clothes to donate. S pulled out 3 full bags of trash and 3 bags for paper recycling. Among the items that headed into the trash:

    –a wooden fork with the middle tine sawed out.
    –a frightening marionette that the previous owners had left behind in the house when we moved in.
    –cheap plastic bowls with teeth marks, from feeding my mother’s dog, who died about 3 years ago.
    –a spool of string that had been attacked by a child with scissors, so it held about 500 pieces of string each 5″ long.
    –a plastic storage container that had belonged to my grandparents, who died almost 20 years ago; the container was so brittle that it started to crack into little pieces when we put it into a trash bag. In an act that was either highly therapeutic or proof that we’ve totally lost it, we proceeded to deliberately and gleefully break the container into small pieces as we stuffed it into the bag.

In good news, we managed to clear enough stuff out of the spare bedroom, that S can now start building a closet for E in the corner.


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S here. Every couple of years, I lose phone service at my house, because branches on the tree next to the telephone phone grow too close and disconnect the wires. The tree and pole are on the lot line of two of my neighbors, neither of whom seem inclined to cut the tree back. The phone company hasn’t done anything other than reconnect the wires and say it’s the town’s problem to cut the tree branches. I call the town, nothing happens, in a couple years the branches grow some more, and we repeat the cycle.

So I was very excited today to discover that the town is finally sending a truck around to trim back branches near poles. I can only hope that the quality of their tree-trimming is better than their sign-posting ability would indicate. Because otherwise, don’t expect to reach me by phone for a while.

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Sock Wars

Hello all, E here and HAPPY FRIDAY!  Not sure how your week has gone but mine has included many late nights at the office and I’m pooped out.  Anyway I heard on the radio this morning about this knitting competition called “Sock Wars”.  Have you heard of it?  It’s the craziest thing.  You sign up, get a target (another knitter) and a top secret knitting pattern.  You knit the pattern, mail it to your target, and when they receive it they’re considered dead.  Then the target is required to post their “death” on a website.  Meanwhile another knitter is gunning for you.  Who knew knitters were so cutthroat?! 

You can read about these assassins at their site, Sock Wars and in this article  from the Arizona Republic.

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E here and check out the pics below.  Last week I was walking back to my office after getting coffee and ran into two turkeys!  They were walking around a parking lot and eating from a patch of grass.  I work in a large city but there are some woodlands and ponds across the street from my building so I think they wandered up.  They seemed to be very used to people and cars and didn’t mind how close I got for my picture taking.  I thought it was pretty neat. 



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S here, with my analysis of the Clinton/Obama race from a political math geek perspective that I haven’t seen anywhere in the news.

If you look at this nice summary of data at the NY Times, there are 408 delegates up for grabs in the remaining primaries. Depending on whether you use the NY Times numbers, the AP numbers, or the CNN numbers, Obama has anywhere from 131 to 146 more delegates than Clinton. If you work out the math, Clinton needs to win at least 66% of the remaining delegates in state primaries, in order to pull ahead of Obama.

How often has she gotten at least 66% of the pledged delegates in a state primary? Well, in her home state of Arkansas, she got 77% of the delegates. And she got 67% of American Samoa’s 3 delegates. That’s it.

Has she often gotten close to that 66% mark? Not often, and never in the larger states. If you were to sort the states by total number of delegates, and then look at the top half of the list that has the states with the larger number of delegates, she hasn’t reached even the 60% mark in any of them.

So while we hear that she won Pennsylvania with a 10-point lead over Obama in the popular vote, which should net her about 55% of the delegates, that type of win is nowhere near sufficient to get her to victory in the end. There simply aren’t enough primaries left for her to catch up to Obama, if all she can do is creep ahead, picking up an extra 5-10% of delegates more than Obama at a time. And her track record hints at just how unlikely it would be, for her to consistently achieve more than that.

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E here posting about snow.  One of my closest friends lives about an hour north of Montreal near St. Saveur.  I talked to her yesterday about the shed pictures and she said she was so excited to see bare ground.  She sent me some pics of her yard which I’ve posted below.  They show her house and the paths that lead to their cars and the driveway/yard.  The snow is down to 5 feet from 7 feet.  As S commented after she saw the pics, “Wow.  I can sure see why even our rectangle of rocks would look appealing by comparison.”


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Holiday decorations

Think it’s about time to get rid of the Halloween pumpkin? (Note: this photo was taken after M shoveled the front porch.)


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