Yesterday I got home from work and asked M if he had any plans with his friends for the evening. “We might be going to the movies,” he replied, “But I’m not sure exactly what the deal is. I think TweedleDee can drive.”

(For purposes of anonymity, M’s buddies will be referred to as TweedleDee, TweedleDum, and TweedleDingbat. Not that I would call them this if M was listening. But it fits.)

Over the next couple hours, he sent various texts and various messages on Facebook, but didn’t hear back from anyone. Finally, at 7:20, he reported that TweedleDee and TweedleDum were already at the movie theater in a nearby city since they had each driven themselves there. Could he borrow my car to drive himself and TweedleDingbat over there for an 8:00 movie showing?

I said no. My car’s gas tank was nearly empty, and by the time he got gas, got TweedleDingbat, and drove through Friday night traffic and city traffic, he’d miss the start of the movie anyway. But he was welcome to have TweedleDingbat come to our house for dinner and to watch a movie on TV.

M wasn’t happy but he didn’t argue. TweedleDingbat didn’t come over, but M picked out a movie to watch with us. Just as he was about to sit down to dinner, there was a knock on the door.

I opened the door, and there were 3 large teenage guys standing in the dark. “Can M go the movies with us?” they asked.

They looked and sounded exactly like little kids knocking on the door asking, “Can M come out to play?” Except for being 10 years older, and 3 feet taller.

Anyway, off M went, very happily. It turned out that when TweedleDee and TweedleDum realized M and TweedleDingbat couldn’t join them, they actually left the movie theater and drove back to our town to pick the other 2 up. The guys then ended up going to a completely different city to watch a later showing of their desired movie.

So overall they get -10 points for the ability to make any coherent plans, but +20 points for making sure that everyone was included despite it!

I gave M a ride to school this morning since it was raining. Unfortunately, by the time he was done with his inscrutable morning routine and ready to get into my car, he smelled overpoweringly of… something. I later emailed E to ask if she knew what kind of man-spray he was using — not sure what you call perfume for guys, but man-spray sure seemed to fit! She didn’t know, but speculated he may have bought something on his own while he was out.

He’s out again now (in my car, since what’s a Friday night without driving around 2 towns to pick up a few more friends to help one friend set up a prom-posal for his girlfriend?) So I glanced around in his room a little bit, to see if there was any obvious explanation for the source of the smell. I didn’t do any serious prying, and I didn’t see anything in the man-spray category. But his deodorant was on his dresser, so I took a quick sniff of that. Same odor as he had this morning.

Hmmm… should a kid wearing a T-shirt and pullover really smell that strongly of deodorant if he’s just using it on his armpits? Or is he using it in some other way that I probably don’t want to know?

The trail cam mounted by the back door continues to show so much deer activity each night that I’m almost getting blase about pictures like this:


I am highly amused by the pictures of neighborhood children passing through our yard, ever since we gave the elementary-age crowd permission to use it as a cut-through to friends on the other side of the block. Especially kids running around in their socks while carrying their shoes, or just plain running in their socks. (Barefoot I could understand, but socks?) Also amusing are the various adults cutting through to retrieve their children, especially the guy who always seems to be wearing a bike helmet and toting a tiny scooter under his arm. I never see the kids with scooters. Just helmet-man.

However, after checking the most recent set of pics, I’d love to know what this is — what has a bushy tail and low body? I’m guessing it’s a fox, sniffing with its head down.


(Note: applies to synthetic mice only. Not to be used on actual live mice. Or dead ones.)

1 ) Have cat fling mouse all over the bedroom

2 ) Have cat chew on mouse regularly

3 ) Have cat fling mouse all over bedroom again

4 ) Have cat dump mouse on floor next to hamper

5 ) You dump dirty clothes on floor next to hamper to sort lights and darks

6 ) Scoop up pile of darks from floor without noticing mouse in them

7 ) Wash laundry

8 ) Dry laundry

9 ) Ta–da! Results shown at left — one very nice fluffy mouse!


Yes, it’s missing an eye, ear, and tail, but those are the result of steps 1-4, not steps 5-8. Considering how nice the washed mouse looks compared to its unwashed sibling (on right) there may be another mouse going through the wash soon.

M and some friends went to a movie night at the high school last night. He called around 10 pm to say they were going to a friend’s house to watch some more movies, but he’d be home by 12:30. (In our state, since he’s under 18, his driver’s license isn’t valid between 12:30 and 5 am.) We reminded him that police are on the lookout at 12:30 for kids speeding to get home before curfew, and to time his travel accordingly; he said OK. Since I have a cold and E has a sinus infection, neither of us was capable of staying up until 12:30 to make sure he got home. So we left some lights on for him, and figured we’d hear him when he came home. Next thing I knew, it was 2:45 am, and I woke up to a completely dark and silent house. Car was in the garage, M’s bedroom door was closed, and M’s cell phone was on the kitchen counter. Guess he made it home OK! This morning, E and I discovered a large empty donut box in the trash, and 2 leftover donuts neatly packaged up in baggies in the fridge. So not only had M made it home, he’d even put away his leftovers appropriately. Part of me feels like we’re slacker parents for not actually waiting up for him, or knowing exactly when he came in. And part of me knows that in 4 months, he’ll be off at college, and we’ll never have any idea where he is at 12:30 in the morning.

There have been 3 different nights in the past week when multiple deer have come through the yard!

From the trail cam mounted next to our back door:




1 — Pick a night when your wife will be home late.

2 — Pick a night when your son is out at a CPR class.

3 — Get a can opener, knife, two bowls, and a plate.

4 — Get some bread, mayonnaise, and cheese.

5 — MOST IMPORTANT STEP — Get a can of tuna.

6 — Drain tuna juice into a bowl.

7 — Place bowl on floor.

8 — Sing “You’re the number one kitty at the tuna party” while cat drinks tuna juice.

9 — Make tuna melt sandwiches.

10 — Eat sandwiches while occasionally dropping little bits of tuna into the cat’s bowl.

11 — Continue to randomly sing “You’re the number one kitty at the tuna party.”

12 — Blog about it, so everyone on the internet can be envious of the wild party you’re having!


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